Welcome to Early Years Care Ltd 

Early Years Care Nursery and Pre-School

Welcome to Early Years Care Ltd, a Sheffield based company that currently boasts six celebrated nursery and pre-schools.

Each branch provides high quality childcare provision for children aged 6wks to 5yrs.

We provide caring and stimulating environments in which the children we look after are encouraged to reach their full potential. An excellent foundation is offered to cover all children's needs - socially, emotionally, physically and educationally. We strongly believe in helping the children in our care to develop a sense of self-worth and a caring attitude towards others. It is our intention for them to have the opportunity to explore and develop new skills within safe and secure boundaries.

In addition to following the guidelines laid down by OFSTED, all our nurseries use the philosophy of 'learning through play' which places an emphasis on their personal and social development just as much as their literacy and numeracy skills.

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